Hybrid 911 is here to provide you with all your service needs in one stop shop.

Hybrid Battery Service

Hybrid 911 offers a few different option to repair your hybrid main battery . The most common and price effective is to rebuild your existing hybrid battery . We also offer 3rd generation hybrid batteries full swaps which we recommend for those customers that are driving a lot like uber or taxi driver for example . All our work come with warranty. For more information feel free to give us a call , we will gladly answer any of your questions.

Hybrid Cooling System

Today’s hybrids consist of a very complex cooling system . That consist of numerous different part that can fail after 100k miles . These falling part are what makes up your hybrid cooling system, inverter , engine coolant temp sensor, water pump, coolant flow control valve, coolant  heat storage tank, engine coolant temp sensor for storage tank and radiator. When replacing any of these part you must properly bleed all the cooling system to make sure there is no air pockets that can trigger a faulty check engine code.
Hybrid battery service

Engine repair

Most hybrid engine last over 200k miles and start to burn oil around there. At hybrid 911 we offer full engine swaps with used low mile engines we have on site and in some case we can also rebuild your engine if you prefer that route. Full engine swap take us 2 days we like to get our customers back on road asap.
Hybrid transmission are different then regular transmissions because they have a electric motor inside that is part of the hybrid system . Here at hybrid 911 we found that in most cases the electric motor is was fails first. So we offer full transmission swap with used low miles transmission and used transmission is way more cost effective then buying the electric motor from the dealer since that’s the only place to purchase the part , part alone cost as much as the full transmission swap  with part and labor. We have a 2 day turn around on most cases.

Transmission repair