HYBRID 911 is dedicated to providing you a complete one stop service. From our collision center body and paint to our technical mechanics understanding all hybrid servicing and battery needs.


Hybrid battery service
Our Hybrid repair technicians will provide you options to choose from new or hybrid battery remanufactured. Our hybrid auto repair center is equipped with the latest technology.
We service all types of Hybrid vehicles from Toyota Hybrid Prius, Toyota Hybrid Camry, Lexus Hybrid, Honda Hybrid, KIA Hybrid and all types of Hybrid. Your choice of rebuild hybrid battery, Hybrid re-manufactured battery and replace with new OEM Hybrid Battery.
Our love of hybrid is obvious and we pride on servicing all your hybrid vehicle service issues.  From a simple diagnosis to a complete battery exchange, we can do it all.
Our success rate is based on volume. We only rebuild Toyota Prius engines.  Rebuild means striping an existing engine down to the block metal and using new parts or refurbished parts (like the cylinder head) to replace the old ones.  In the process, the engine block will get resurfaced and cleaned like new to match all the new parts that will go in the engine.  The odometer in most cases will not go back to zero. However, the engine will sure drive like as if it was from zero miles.
We do our best to reuse parts and condition them to be like again.  We are doing our part to save you money and be eco-friendly to the environment without sacrificing quality work.